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Let's Hear From CEO:Mohammad Rahmatuzzaman

Dear Students, Parents & Staffs, It is indeed a matter of unique pride and singular honor for me to be the Chairman and CEO of Belfast International School (BIS). I wish BIS to be one of the best institutions in the country. To be so, I urge upon the teachers to teach diligently and faithfully in the classes; students to acquire highest regards for morality, smartness, well thinking and so on. I also humbly urge upon the parents to suggest for the development of BIS and help us provide our students with qualitative education enriched with world-class facilities. A united effort is required for the holistic development of BIS. I request all of the members of BIS to perform their duties perfectly for the best output. I strongly believe that our children will contribute to a great extent in order to make our world for a better place to live in and remain one step ahead to lead the nation as well as the world with great success. I wish a prosperous future to BIS.

Let's Hear From Principal:Ms. Jennifer Alexandra Jamison

Dear Students, Parents & Staffs, I extend a warm welcome to you and your family. I am very proud to be the Principal of this wonderful school. My aim is to lead our school community to enable us to work together as well as to achieve our goals. For me the role of a teacher is and should be to provide a holistic education; which provides each individual learner with a strong intellectual, physical, social and emotional foundation. It is also important for teachers to encourage students to understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories, as well as others, and to be open to differing perspectives, values and traditions. Teaching, personally for me must be thoroughly planned and structured in such a way as to allow students to make connections, gain knowledge and skills, collaborate, research and from new conceptual understandings of their world and how it works. We want each of our students to leave school with the values of respect, cooperation, persistence and striving for excellence underpinning all that they do. We are working hard to make every student fit for future. I hope you will be a strong part of this journey too. Learning should be applicable to everyday life, and education ought to lay the foundations and prepare students for future learning. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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